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You Were Made for This

We invite kids to follow Christ, care for them regardless of their response, and change lives in the process.


Young Life is made up of people like you - who know that life was meant to be fully lived. There's a seat at the table for you.

Does it matter?

4 out of 5

Young Life participants

consider Young Life and their leaders to be a significant influence on their faith.


of volunteer leaders and staff with

Young Life would overwhelmingly recommend their leadership experience to a friend.

York County Staff





Tyler Wolf

Area Director

York County





Gabe Daughterty

Staff Associate

Rock Hill





Sarah Thompson

Staff Associate

Fort Mill





Dawn Coffin

YoungLives Coordinator

York County





Kelly Hills

Wyldlife Coordinator

York County





La'Talya Harris

Mission Staff

Rock Hill





Angela Massey

Area Administrator

York County


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